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Xbox One Symphony/Synergy are Xbox-based private PVP Ragnarok servers that are 24/7 and rival...


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Symphony/Synergy are Xbox-based private PVP Ragnarok servers that are 24/7 and rival each other. Each are boosted yet still provide that Survival Evolved challenge.

Server Details
1. Offline raid protection enabled
2. Designed to allow working adults to achieve end game content but still provide the thrill and threat that makes PVP so great.
3. US server based out of Idaho with 200 mbs internet through a 500 mbs modem and Ethernet. I hate lag...
4. Stats have been perfectly tweaked to give you the best Ark experience.
5. The only admin is the owner and there is little presence. He is always friendly.
6. Sort-it-out yourself politics. No admin intervention.

1. Add SwiftSynergy74 or SwiftSymphony74 depending on which server you want to play.
2. Message the gamer tag you’re joining and inform us if you can’t join.
3. (Optional) Like our Facebook page, “Symphony Synergy Ark Official” for updates, server information, suggest changes, and the best way to contact us!
4. Join the game and try your best to survive!

Rules the admin CAN act on
1. Allow new tribes to build up. No raiding wood or stone structures. We HATE bullies.
2. Don’t build excessive structures. It makes the map lag!
3. Don’t be a troll. (This shouldn’t be a problem if we are all adults)

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