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Xbox One Hey so I keep looking for servers but none seem to be working they way I want. So I'm...


Cree-Ann Perrin

Hey so I keep looking for servers but none seem to be working they way I want. So I'm looking for a PVE server. I like to breed and build without having to worry about being raided every second (I know there's trolls but that's fine) I would like some with boosted taming/breeding and weight stats. I don't need a starter pack and would prefer ragnarok but don't mind any map! Thanks


Daniel Ray

Look for Dirty Dodos on Facebook. We have a good community always willing to help. Can't remember all the stats but they are slightly boosted. We also run events regularly.


Lynn Werner

Looking to populate our Boosted but not Crazy boosted Superhero Themed Prim+ PvE with PvP Admin ran Events Server that is running on the Ragnarok map. Pick any hero or villain Dc or Marvel as your name. We have a Community Area with Cc building, Community Forges, a Store and a Juice Bar & Grill. We will also be hosting regular events as well as our Pvp events. We are a Mature Adult server looking for other Mature Adults that enjoy the game. If this sounds like the server for you then we would love to have you. Please go/add us on our FB page for the rules and information and add
GT: AVENGERSxARK to come check us out.

The Starter Pack:
Metal Pick, Hatchet, Machete, Crossbow, Spy glass, and ONE of these animals.... Doedicurus, Beaver, Equus, or Pteradon

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Jay Anthoney Olivaz

Only o line raiding if tribes of both Dino's and base are safe .. starter for each is tapaja with mastercarft tools and crossbow and narco arrows 100 of them


Ashton Kindhart

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Welcome future Canyonites!

Slightly boosted server with friendly community and some RP elements added to give depth.

*Located on Ragnarock
*18 + years old only.
*24/7 US based.
*PVE server.
*PVP through sanctioned events.
-x2 XP
-x6 Dino Harvest
-x8 Taming
-x8 Maturation

*Starter Pack available
*Metal tools
*Tranq arrows
*Argy 150

-Friendly and active players. Tribes active with other tribes.
-Quests available and optional with rewards given.
-Role play is optional which most players do participate.
- Yes you can tame and breed if that's what you like to do!
-Admin events!
-3 cities run by admins to ally up with for extra perks.
-Each city has 3 player ran shops.
-Stores open daily throughout the day.
-Very active and helpful members.
-Group chat.
-If you are having a hard time
finding a server where you don't have to worry about being wiped, raided, or ignored, check out Cosmo Canyon.

Click the link to join the FB page.
Read pinned post and comment GT.


Edward Shriver

Arkdedicated227 admin building with starter pack is at SW2 zone, just off the beach.


Ramey Christensen

NEW Ragnarok Server up and running! We're looking for more survivors to help fill the Ark to the brim! Whether taming a T-Rex or PvP is your fancy you can do it all!


No harassment will be tolerated!

No trolling will be tolerated! (Here to have fun and play not get killed at Lvl 1 over and over.)

No blocking of metal /obsidian/ Cementing paste spawns.

No Brontos are to be tamed. We don't want our server crashing.

Taming is fast, Gathering is x8.

Add GT: TonicBump and let the fun BEGIN!


Tyler Lambert


We are launching a Prim+ Three kingdom PvP style server. Kingdoms will encompass the obelisk they represent. The map we will be hosting on is Ragnarok. Server is slightly boosted and has 4x gather to ease the grind while still keeping you vested in the effort it takes for the structures you build.

Currently we are in need of rulers for the Red and Green Kingdoms. Black will represent the admin sites for events and trading as well as those who wish to live as Nomads.

If this interests you please reach out to me directly or visit our group page:

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Corey Heart

Check out Freeforallpve on facebook. Its a Prim plus pve server with hosted pvp events. Great boosts to everything and it doesnt feel cheated

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