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Xbox One Make Ark Great Again US Server 24/7 PvPvE Map: Ragnarok Hosted by: will be sent in a...


Nick Bowen

Make Ark Great Again
US Server 24/7 PvPvE
Map: Ragnarok
Hosted by: will be sent in a pm to each new person who reads below.

- Admin Bases are off limits
- Tribe Wars Enabled
- No base wiping (Get in and get out)
- KEEP YOUR DOORS LOCKED OR CLOSED AFTER LEAVING, You are allowed to steal if someone has left their stuff vulnerable.
- No default names (Bob, Jane, Joe, Human)
- No building on Obs
- Dont block or build in Artifact/resource caves
- Be courteous of other players and don't build a massive base
- All tames must stay inside base area (any tames outside base area will be vulnerable to pvp players)
- No more than 10 of each breed (more than 10 will lead to destroying of Dino's highest lvl first)
- Do NOT leave dinos on wandering/breeding (if found, this will lead to destroying dino/s + base wipe)
- If you have read this far please list your gamertag, ign, tribe, and your favorite food.
1. You get a warning
2. If you break another rule you get some valuable thing and some valuable dinos taken
3. If you break another rule us admins wipe you
4. If you break another rule then you get wiped and banned

~more rules may be added when and if things come up and need fixing~

- Health x5
- Stamina x2.5
- Oxygen x2.5
- Food & Water NA Drain
- Weight - infinite
- Melee x2.5
- Speed x2.5
- Crafting x10
- Fort x15
♡ Harvest x70

- Health x2
- Stamina x7
- Oxygen x10
- Food & Water Regular
- Weight - Infinite
- Melee x .8
- Speed X2
♡ Breeding x.8
♡ Maturing x100
♡ Hatching x400
♡ Taming x1000

- There are 4 Admins only
- Events will be held
- There is a Community Center
- All trading & colouring will be held at CC
- Starter packs are given (when admins aren't busy)
- Dino colouring free (when admins aren't busy)
- No tek or element sold here, however element can be won in events or boss battles
- No OP ascendant items sold
- No resources sold here
- Dinos are sold here for CP
Boss battles

~Any questions do feel free to ask~


Brent Michaud

Will give gt when you read all the rules an join fb group

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