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PC Looking for a Unofficial Server, With high multipliers like 10XP Etc. Not really...


Ruben Vaquer

Looking for a Unofficial Server, With high multipliers like 10XP Etc. Not really trying to spend a week grinding, I wanna be able to get on PVE/PVP and chill. I appreciate anyone taking the time to reach to me...


Tonya Guyea

[9/17] [PC] Apex Rising | Ragnarok | PVPVE

Hey there, come and play with us!! Our large community has created a fresh Ragnarok PvPvE server that looks like it may suit you! Start as an equal just like everyone else and explore, build and breed with us on this awesome map! We've designed our server with mods and stats that cater to the well rounded Ark survivor with many play styles in mind. We've also streamlined breeding by configuring the maturation and hatch timers to decrease the boring parts of breeding WITHOUT making them OP! Overall we have done our best to make sure we have a balanced environment to make PVP fair and fun, with minimal concise rules, quality of life mods, laid-back admins and slightly increased stats.

Now with CUSTOM BEACONS!! No more crop plot blueprints lol All saddles, armor and weapons, BP'S, S+ and Reusable+ items available in beacons PLUS SPECIAL PURPLE BEACONS with items not found anywhere else!

Come and take a peek around our Discord and see for yourself!!

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Apex Rising

*2.5x XP
*3x Gather
*10x Taming
*15x Maturation
*20x Breeding
*Max Player Level: 100
*Max Dino Level: 150
*Tribe Limit: 6
*2x Player stat gains (3x weight)
*Food and Water drain reduced by 50%
*Able to learn all engrams
*Dinos get a 2.5X weight boost
*Player map location enabled
*Damage numbers and hit markers enabled
*Gamma disabled
*Admin command logging

Admin command logs enabled! (Staff must follow the rules and play like everyone else. Any admin commands will show in main chat, so there will NEVER be any admin abuse!)

World Barriers have been ENABLED TO PASS THROUGH so you can tame and harvest ALL dinos and items all on one map!

DIRECT CONNECT TO OUR SERVER HERE (copy and paste this into your browser) ---> steam://connect/

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MOD LIST - You won't find any broken or OP mods here!

Structures Plus
Platforms Plus
Reusable Plus
Small Resources Stacks AB
Scorched Earth Resource Stacks
Death Helper
Pet Finder
Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture


Liam Cross

Liam Cross tagging myself so I can send you details of the server we play on. Welcome to join us. I'm at work atm though.


Linnon Latham

Looking for admins for my server. Just me right now. Love the game and would like to start a small mature playing community for people who like the game but have a lot of real life things to do. ( I have 3 companies I run, don’t have time for the grind but LOVE the game). Let me know if you are interested.

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