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I had been thinking I need to RuneScape


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My goal has always been 50 Mil however tbh with
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my stats I have no clue how to get there... most monster drops seem to have been nerfed nowadays along with also my other stats are too low to create any real cash. What should I do to make money and what stats can it be essential I increase (Dosent Need to relate to money )

Ok, I had been thinking I need to upgrade my armor (if I could ). I understand a flame cape might assist, but I don't actually have the patience, time, or the relationship to do caves. Additionally, should I save up for a godsword (if yes, which one?) , save up to get a DFS, or simply save for greater armor (ie, bandos top/bottom)? I have 64 herblore, also that I want around 70. What potions should I make, as well as what levels should I make them? (Ie, x potion for this level, and y potion from this level to that level, and so on) Thanks ahead of time!

Can I do it? How do I enhance (if I can) my inv or equipment? After wich wave if I cease using guthans for healing? I supposed to put this at the Website Content Submissions forum, but inadvertently put it here for some reason. o_O Could you please move it to the proper forum? Thanks. Anyhow, this manual is still in construction, but I don't really mind. It's possible to post anyway. There will not be that many posts. But images will happen. Anyhow, on to...

Part One - The Basics. Vinesweeper is a game produced by Jagex, and it's a component of this huge online game RuneScape. Essentially, it's quite similar to the computer cult classic Minesweeper. If it is a number, the number will say how many seeds/mines are bordering the distance from the grid. When it is a seed, you have to begin. Your purpose is to use the numbers to ascertain where the flags are, then flag them.

Part Two - The Instructions. As soon as you enter the area, you should instantly head into the girl inside the shack for ten free flags. These will be utilized later. Next, head out into the area. Inspect any arbitrary bit of ground, and determine what the chatbox education says. If it says that there is definitely no seed in the pit, feel free to dig out a pit in the coordinate. If it says there IS a seed there, flag the region by right clicking and selecting"flag" If it cannot determine whether or not there is a seed at the pit, e.g. if it states that the sand is thick or
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there's a pig at the way, find another hole to attempt.

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