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Brandon Bowers

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Island, Rag, Scorched, and Aberration cluster

Server Rates:
Taming: 6x
Gathering: 5x
Drops and Fishing: 3x
Mature Speed: 13x
Egg Hatch: 20x
Mating Interval: about 8 hours between breeding
Imprinting: 2 Hours per imprint
Spoil time: 2x
Crop Growth: 2x

Player Stats:
Fortitude: 3x
Weight: 5x
Oxygen: 2x
Melee: 2x
Speed: 2x
Health: 2x

Dino Stats:
Health: 1.2x
Stamina: 4x
Weight: 6x

Turret cap at 300 within range - liable to change, but current setting
Tribe dinos max - 350
Tribe Imprints - YES
Difficulty - 6 (Max spawn dino is 180, max dragon or drake is 228)
Diseases - Off
Damage numbers - On
Corpse locator: On
Cross-Ark transfer - Yes, only character to aberration

Any other questions, please feel free to ask, i'm normally pretty prompt with answering any questions as long as i see the notification.

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