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Xbox One Hello everyone! We are literally a brand new 24/7 XBOX ONE Player Dedicated Server. We...


Sebastion Ross

Hello everyone! We are literally a brand new 24/7 XBOX ONE Player Dedicated Server. We are hardwired with ethernet cable into a 500 mbps router, with an average server ping of around 15. All rules and guidlines are subject to change as our server grows, and as we get feedback from players on the server. Our goal is to have the most unbiased, fun and entertaining player pvp/pve oriented server in all of ark. With your help, we can see this dream a reality. The rules for now are as follows;
1. 3 DAY Grace period to build without fear of being raided (this means no destroying another users structures in ANY SHAPE OR FORM)
2. No building on major resource spawns
3. No killing passive stanced tames while the player is offline
4. This server is pvp, so killing each other is acceptable, but no raiding during a users grace period.
5. No pvp in the pve/starter pack area
6. If you break any of these rules while in your grace period, that is an immediate termination of your grace period, and you become fair game.
These rules are subject to change and amending. We would love your feedback or suggestions. To join, add the gamertag "PureArk247" and join through the "join game" option in the users menu.
This is a slightly boosted server, as to make taming and gathering easier, but not ridiculous. These boosted stats are also subject to change and tweaking. Also join our facebook group
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. We are also looking for a couple dedicated admins. Feel free to join or message the host account

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