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Xbox One ARK: Kingdom Aleria is a Medieval prim+ Roleplay server for the xbox one, There are 4...


Gen Outrage

ARK: Kingdom Aleria is a Medieval prim+ Roleplay server for the xbox one, There are 4 kingdoms and each own a quarter of the map, Varrock (highlands), Roman Empire (viking bay) and kingdom of sparta in the bottom left of the map, once the last part of ragnarok is released we will introduce the 4th and final kingdom.

Each king will have a personal Griffin and each kingdom will have a quetzal, all other personel is limited to an argentavis.

You must join a kingdom to own your own home but you will be under that kingdoms law, if you wish to buy land off your kingdom you will still have to follow that kingdoms law but you will have more leniency in terms of said laws.

You have a free choice to play whatever role you want within a kingdom as long as it is available.

Naming your character
As the server is a medieval role-playing server you will need to have a medieval first and last name.

Joining a kingdom
You will have to join a kingdom when you start on the server, although you will not have to be in the same tribe you will need to be allianced.

Naming your tribe
Please name your tribe to the role you are playing out and the kingdom you are in, so if for example you are a merchant in varrock your tribe name should be "[Varrock] Merchant" or "[Varrock] -the name of your shop-"

Please keep your tames to a need-to basis so no hoarding excess amounts of the same tames.

Raiding is not permitted by general players, there will be sieges, civil wars and events where you can pvp.

Restricted tames
The restricted tame for general players are as following:
- all flyers except argentavis
- gigas
- rex
- spinos
- allo

We want the server to be a friendly community and not kill anyone you see, if we get a number of complaints about the same person they will get a warning and if it continues we will discuss it upon the leaders and action will be taken from there.


Gather - 6x
Experience - 15x
Taming - 3x
Egg hatch - 20x
Maturation - 20x
Structure damage - 2x
Structure resistance - 0.001

Player stats - added 0.3 to all stats and 6 on weight
Dino stats - slightly boosted health damage and 8x weight.

Loot create - 1.8
Fishing - 2.0

Host GT:kingdomaleriarp

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