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Xbox One Add GT: ClassyGentsArk •24/7 PVP RAGNAROK •Community Center •Fast...


Brandon Sandford

Add GT: ClassyGentsArk

•Community Center
•Fast taming/hatching/maturation
•Infinite weight & oxygen player/dino
•No exploiting glitches
•Community shop
•Boosted drops
•Population 25+

The admins play like everyone else we like to grind and enjoy the game. The admins are here to help and make the game enjoyable for the server as a whole. We raid and people can raid us, it's all fair game. We play the game as it was intended to be played and encourage others to as well. Remember it's PVP so play accordingly and remember to have fun. Trolls are not well received. Events, give aways, and other fun things are held to keep the server interesting. Join the page for more info.

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