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Xbox One * Welcome to SuperArk Server * * Host GT Superchaos27 * (PLEASE POST GAMERTAG, IN GAME...

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Claire Louise Whymark

* Welcome to SuperArk Server *
* Host GT Superchaos27 *
This is a PvPvE Server situated on Ragnarok


XP Base 3X (Generic, Harvest, Craft Special 1.5
Kill 2.0) providing an average of 5-6X XP.
Player Stats: 2X Wild Dino Stats: 1.5X
Tamed Dino Stats: 3X at Tamed (2X per level)
Breeding/Egg Laying: 0.8 Hatching/Maturation:10

About the Server

This server is intended to be more challenging than other dedicated servers, slightly boosted than official servers faster and survival is more difficult. Wild dinos are harder, stronger and faster with difficulty set to maximum.

This server is for those who like a challenge but want to make it to the end game without having to put 80hrs a week on official. The server is also intended to be fun, friendly and enjoyable for everyone who plays on it.

The Admin Team consists of:

IGN Chaos: GT Bionic Chaos82 (UK Admin, God of Trickery and Deception)

IGN Claire: GT Blueeyestiger88 (UK Admin, Goddess of Benevolence)

IGN Soldrin: GT Ez0 Soldrin (US Admin, Lord of the Pantheon, Wielder of the +5 Banhammer of Righteousness)

Tribes are limited to 6 Members each. Period. No Exceptions

Off Limit Areas
The following areas are off limits for both base building and blocking every tribe has the chance to get resources, artifacts and boss battles.
1. Wyvern nests area.
2. The Obelisks (Red, Green and Blue Obs)
3. Caves are open for building (However if you block an artifact, then you must move to allow access.)

There will be no warning system on this server. The admins are the judge and jury. We will punish and/or ban as we see fit to maintain the stability of the server for everyone to enjoy. This is your WARNING

(If anyone has a question please feel free to contact us)

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