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Skid Steer Loader factory


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Our products are produced strictly according to international standard. They are tested and granted certificates. Even the strictest quality control from custom, our products still welcomed and recognized.
48KW Skid Steer Loader Main Parameters
Rated load is 950kg, tipping load is 1900kg,
Bucket capacity 0.4-0.5m鲁, machine control mass 3400kg,
Driving speed 12km/h, working flow 75L/min,
The fuel tank capacity is 80L, the tire type is 12-16.5,
Dimensions 3490*1820*2150mm, maximum operating height 4070mm,
Unloading height 3600mm, transfer pin height 3100mm, wheelbase 1500mm,
Wheelbase 1085mm, ground height 200mm, tilt angle 40掳,
Dumping height 710mm, engine model 490T, 48kw, hydraulic pilot valve
48KW Skid Steer Loader Features:
multifunction machine,
it is with quick hitch plate,
with hydraulic output for attachment working,
like toro dingo,kanga,bobcat,vemeer,
can use kinds of attachment for different works.
Integral frame, optimized layout, compact structure.
The driving speed is more than 13.5km/h, rapid transition, good maneuverability.
Customer Using Case Showing of 48KW Skid Steer Loader
Different working devices can be replaced or connected in a few minutes at the site.Thus, it can be respectively shoveled, stacking, lifting, digging, drilling, crushing, grasping, pushing and picking, soil loosening, ditching, road cleaning and road compaction operations.
48KW Skid Steer Loader Production Line
Packing & Shipping: Skid Steer Loader factory
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