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Xbox One Server GT: Not your Av Ark ✳✳✳New Server✳✳✳ ♦Ragnarok Map. ♦️New Server. ♦Good Ping-no...


Jonathan Cloutier

Server GT: Not your Av Ark
✳✳✳New Server✳✳✳
♦Ragnarok Map.
♦New Server.
♦Good Ping-no Lag.
♦More than 25 people daily.
♦Admin selling stuff ex: 700 metal lingot for a Griffin (all item and dino price not fixed yet)
♦Admin are friendly/respectful no admin Raid.
♦Pm Admin in game for help or anything.
NO admin abuse tolerated.
♦Always at least 1 admin online.
♦24/7 PvP with PvE tribes.
♦Events,winning prize, question rewards(admin spawn some dino in map if u kill them you get a good loot).
♦Starter at Red/Blue Orb (Ptera,Metal & Metal Gear)ask Admin in game chat.
♦Sometime admin will drop a loot in the map.
♦To be a PvE tribe make sure to include PvE in tribe name.
♦Bronto's and Diplo taming is ok but no resource harvesting.
NO blocking artifact caves.
NO foundation wiping.
♦Tribe Inquisition is off limits and will not raid either.
♦24 hours notice must be posted in group to switch between PvP and PvE.
♦Join anytime, no need to get invite or approve by admin or even put your gt in comment.

Stats for server are as follows
✅Player damage-3
✅Xp multiplier-5
✅Player harvesting-5
✅Dino harvesting-5
✅Food and Water drain-0.50
✅Dino health recovery-2.50
✅Egg hatch and Maturation-15
✅Spoiling and Decomposition-6
✅Wild dinos stats all at 4

Player stats per level

Dino stats per level
✅Food and Water-6
✅Loot Quality-2.2

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