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Xbox One Prime evil Ark is a PvP Xbox one Dedicated Server on the Ragnarok map, with player and...


Tom Prime

Prime evil Ark is a PvP Xbox one Dedicated Server on the Ragnarok map, with player and Dino stats boosted, but not too crazy that it spoils the game..

We are a new server run by admins who have had enough of playing on servers with admin abuse, so we got our own.

There are 2 admin tribes, one based on the Scorched islands, they are the House of Dragons tribe, they will not be participating in PVP unless provoked, they will also police the server from trolls and rule breakers. other than that they are a friendly admin tribe.

The second tribe is playing legit full pvp, feel free to try raid them, they are 100% not spawning anything in, they only have admin abilities to give out starters, and help out new people to the server.

ORP is currently on to help people build up as we are a fresh server. There is a 5 minute timer on, so you can still raid if anyone combat logs. This will come off as of Monday 2nd October.

We WILL be holding events after we get set up, such as admin raid bases, releasing a Dino in the wild full of loot to hunt, gladiator matches, maze runners, and any more. Let us know any others you would like us to hold.

All OBS are PvE Zones, no PvP here is tolerated, we will be building a community area and shops soon.

We will be offering a starter pack of metal tools, and a level 100 ptererdon, and an industrial forge.

To get starter pack ask for an admin in chat or on FB page and proceed to the OB they specify. Please be aware we have families and lives so might not be able to get on straight away, but we will sort you out when we get on.

The Castle is off limits to build in, as this is where we will be building the Admin raid bases for events.
No blocking artifact locations, or building in the Ice Queen or lava golem caves or blocking beaver dam spawns. Everywhere else is fair game!

Cave damage is reduced to 2x so that building in them is practical, but not OP.

We are open to your input as a community towards changing the server stats as needed, to make the game balanced and fun! just post on the FB group any suggestions.

If this sounds like a server you would like to play on and help us grow, join the FB group and add "Prime evil Ark" on Xbox one and join game.

Thank you

Admin (House of Dragons)

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