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Xbox One Need a semi highly boosted aberration server high exp and a tribe if possible.


Jordan Rivet

Need a semi highly boosted aberration server high exp and a tribe if possible.


Shawn Land

Server Names [US] ArkofMisfits - Ragnarok
[US] ArkofMisfits - The Center
[US] ArkofMisfits - Aberration
Maximum Spawn For Tames is 210
Baby Multipliers
Baby Mature Speed Multiplier =38
Baby Cuddle Interval Multiplier =.89
Egg Hatch Speed =40
Damage To Structures =0.2
Taming Speed =15
Harvest Amount =10
Player Stamina Drain =0.8
Dino Stamina Drain =0.8
Resources Respawn =0.5
XP =5.0
Third Person =True
Structures in Range =12000
Allow Unlimited Respects =True
Allow Anyone Baby Imprint =True
Player Water Drain =.5
Player Food Drain =.5
Minimum Dino Reupload =3 hours

Player Stats
Health =2
Oxygen =10
Melee Damage =3
Speed =6
Fortitude =7.5
Weight =50
Dino Stats everything official besides weight


Jesse JOnes

Hoping to get my server populated!

❌No rules
❌All PvP
❌ Trolling allowed
❌No admins
❌ Map island
❌ No turret cap
❌ Orp is off

⏩Insta tame
⏩Insta level 100
⏩Infinite weight and oxygen
⏩ All stats buffed on player and Dino
⏩Flyer speed buffed
⏩54 stone pickup
⏩Max 180 Dino's
⏩Close to instant hatch and raise

No facebook page so nobody to complain to or cry about.
Don't come crying to me when you get raided

Join Ark Zone if you wanna come have fun!

just wiped so fresh start! Its my buddies server he is waiting to be accepted into this group and he wanted me to go ahead and advertise


Cameron Kandola

☠The Nightmare Ark☠
☠Clustered Nitrado Server☠
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This a great server for the Survivors who don’t have endless hours to tame high level Dinos and don’t want the headache of being constantly raided. We have a great community that welcomes new players.

⚔PvE Weekdays/PvP Weekends⚔
Structure damage is OFF during PvE
Ragnarok, The Center & The Island
Starter Packs
25x XP
15x Harvest
50x Taming
50x Egg Hatch
100x Mature
30x Crop Growth
⏫Boosted Player/Dino Stats
♂Infinite Weight/Oxygen
Up to level 300 Wild Dinos
Boosted Loot Drops/Fishing Loot
⛵Boosted Limits on Saddles/Rafts
Community Center
Community Events
Dino Adoption Center
‍ PvE Admins

All of our server rules are located in the Pinned Post of the Facebook Group where you must put your in game info. Come join The Nightmare today!

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