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Xbox One Looking for highly boosted rag server for a solo player must be full on PVP


Jacob Anthony

Looking for highly boosted rag server for a solo player must be full on PVP


Damu UP

Add gt dirtyred10902 as friend then join no admin 247 pvp no offline protection no cry babies if you can't pvp or build to defend then I wouldn't join best pvp players only


Jenine Galvan

x12tame x20harvest admin full pvp fresh Ragnarok Server Gt: UnarmedSphinx99


Ramey Christensen

NEW Ragnarok Server up and running! We're looking for more survivors to help fill the Ark to the brim! Whether taming a T-Rex or PvP is your fancy you can do it all!


No harassment will be tolerated!

No trolling will be tolerated! (Here to have fun and play not get killed at Lvl 1 over and over.)

No blocking of metal /obsidian/ Cementing paste spawns.

No Brontos are to be tamed. We don't want our server crashing.

Taming is fast, Gathering is x8.

Add GT: TonicBump and let the fun BEGIN!


Tanner Murphy


Take advantage of the head start before the server fills up.
Come be a part of this!
GT: murphysark247

•24/7 - 365 days a year.
•BOOSTED (so you don't have to sweat so much, simply just have fun)
•Weekend Events! The events are a riot! Never been on ark before.
•NO ADMIN ABUSE! (We grind just like everyone else!)
•Admins are ONLY for wipes and cleanups!
•Safe Zone community forge site! Can be used for safe trading, etc.
•Abandoned buildings MUST be destroyed! If you move your base, rid of your old one!

•PVP RULES: no newb killing give newbs a 48 hour grace period, 48 hour grace period after raid, no raider wiping GET IN GET OUT, no foundation wiping,

•PVE... you're here at your own risk. You can attempt to declare PVE with white flags etc, but no admin protection.

•Any other questions, ask..... or just join the server to see for yourself!
GT to join server is: murphysark247

SweptFall & iamsannis
Message for issues!

•Add as a friend!


Ciaran Collins

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Based in America. Server names same has FB Page. Highly boosted still bit of a grind, events, daily admins. No adminabuse, no trolling, no brontos. Admins are in a admin tribe. We host events, look after server. Ban trolls and do dino wipes. And build. That's it. 24/7 PVP


Sam Carlow

Gt: TugOnYou
Map : Ragnarok
When you reach Lvl 100 you get a prize (Phoenix)
Gather x10
XP x5
Insta Tame
Insta hatch
x15 mature
Drops are boosted 4x
2 admins and they are both legit
Addmin logging is on
Weight at 50 per point
No Trolling
Any age
Pvp only
Brontos aloud as they wont lag the server
Xbox One Club: TugOnYou Ark Club
The Servers Facebook Page is TugOnYou Xbox Ark Survival Dedi
Any other questions feel free to ask


Caleb Williams

Add GT: ClassyGentsArk

•24/7 PVP
•Community Center
•Fast taming/hatching/maturation
•Infinite weight & oxygen player/dino
•No exploiting glitches
•Community shop
•Boosted drops
•Population 25+

The admins play like everyone else we like to grind and enjoy the game. The admins are here to help and make the game enjoyable for the server as a whole. We raid and people can raid us, it's all fair game. We play the game as it was intended to be played and encourage others to as well. Remember it's PVP so play accordingly and remember to have fun. Trolls are not well received. Events, give aways, and other fun things are held to keep the server interesting. Join the page for more info.

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