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Xbox One Looking for an admin on our server. If you’re: -Under 18 -Stubborn -Won’t listen...


Kerry Rendall

Looking for an admin on our server.

If you’re:

-Under 18


-Won’t listen to me or any of the other admins

-Looking to PVP

-The kind of admin to slide a couple thousand pieces of C4 to a player behind my back

-Wipe someone for offending you

-Only gonna get on every blue moon

You’re no good

I need someone with at least three quarters of a brain, over 18, won’t give players any shit, apart from a starter pack or something I tell you to give them, and won’t attack someone for no reason. The way admins are suppose to be on our server is that you help when help is needed, and you don’t hinder the player experience, basically just physically leave people alone, although, socializing is more than okay.

If you’re only gonna be on for one hour every three weeks, then you’re no good. Something that can play a factor into this is being an admin on X amount of servers.

Experience is a must, and being especially good at something in specific (like events), is a plus.

I’d also like said admin to be able to make recruitment posts in Facebook groups frequently.

We have a Facebook group too.

Message me on messenger if you fit the role.


James Kutscher

Depends on how often its up i am always on and about tired of trying to play bc of most of those things listed above

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