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Xbox One Looking for a new rag server, must be below 100 days


Joshua Crossland

I’m not an admin or the owner but I’ve been in many servers and this is the Best By far come and join


For a highly boosted rag server
When join you will receive a starter of:
Indi forge
Chem bench
Any flyer except griffin and wyverns
Ascendant metal axe and pick
Just go to blue ob and ask

Only 3 rules
No brontos,diplos or stegos
No building in artefact caves
No killing people who have just joined server

Events happen ever few hours

Also you CAN raid admins if you want
Been up for 1 day


Ramey Christensen

NEW Ragnarok Server up and running! We're looking for more survivors to help fill the Ark to the brim! Whether taming a T-Rex or PvP is your fancy you can do it all!


No harassment will be tolerated!

No trolling will be tolerated! (Here to have fun and play not get killed at Lvl 1 over and over.)

No blocking of metal /obsidian/ Cementing paste spawns.

No Brontos are to be tamed. We don't want our server crashing.

Taming is fast, Gathering is x8.

Add GT: TonicBump and let the fun BEGIN!


Jenine Galvan

x12tame x20harvest admin full pvp fresh Ragnarok Server Gt: UnarmedSphinx99


Mark Petrie

Come join my server, it's a uk based server with a good few active players. The server is to be treated like official but easier stats for people who don't have all hours to sink into the game properly but still want to advance. ( all stats are on the Facebook page) there is one admin (myself) all I use the codes for is starter packs and Dino wipes, admin logging is on some everyone can see what I'm up to.There are no rules however wiping is throned upon The starter packs consist of

Level 125 quez
1 industrial forge
Apprentice tools
Apprentice flak
Please join the Facebook page, just to let me know if the server goes down or to have some banter with other tribes

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Caleb Williams

Add GT: ClassyGentsArk

•24/7 PVP
•Community Center
•Fast taming/hatching/maturation
•Infinite weight & oxygen player/dino
•No exploiting glitches
•Community shop
•Boosted drops
•Population 25+

The admins play like everyone else we like to grind and enjoy the game. The admins are here to help and make the game enjoyable for the server as a whole. We raid and people can raid us, it's all fair game. We play the game as it was intended to be played and encourage others to as well. Remember it's PVP so play accordingly and remember to have fun. Trolls are not well received. Events, give aways, and other fun things are held to keep the server interesting. Join the page for more info.
Been up 6 days

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