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Xbox One Looking for a NEW fresh (under 20 in game days) Ragnarok BOOSTED server .


Francisco Lorenzo

Looking for a NEW fresh (under 20 in game days) Ragnarok BOOSTED server .


Jeffrey Elmore

2x player stats, 3x harvest, 12x tame and less than an hour to raise wyvrnn... ORP

More info??


Tyler Lambert


We are launching a Prim+ Three kingdom PvP style server. Kingdoms will encompass the obelisk they represent. The map we will be hosting on is Ragnarok. Server is slightly boosted and has 4x gather to ease the grind while still keeping you vested in the effort it takes for the structures you build.

If this interests you please reach out to me directly or visit our group page:

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Mark Petrie

Come join my server, it's a uk based server with a good few active players. The server is to be treated like official but easier stats for people who don't have all hours to sink into the game properly but still want to advance. ( all stats are on the Facebook page) there is one admin (myself) all I use the codes for is starter packs and Dino wipes, admin logging is on some everyone can see what I'm up to.There are no rules however wiping is throned upon The starter packs consist of

Level 125 quez
1 industrial forge
Apprentice tools
Apprentice flak
Please join the Facebook page, just to let me know if the server goes down or to have some banter with other tribes

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Jenine Galvan

x12tame x20harvest admin full pvp fresh Ragnarok Server Gt: UnarmedSphinx99


Ciaran Collins

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Based in America. Server names same has FB Page. Highly boosted still bit of a grind, events, daily admins. No adminabuse. Admins are in a admin tribe. We host events, look after server. Ban trolls, spawn starters and do dino wipes. And build. That's it. 24/7 PVP


Danny Devine

PVE/PVP server
Admins play legit apart from events
No admin abuse
Currently on Ragnarock
Several events per week

You need to have PVE or PVP as part of your tribe name, if you don't, you will be assumed as PVP

Pvp players can pvp with ONLY other pvp players, any day of the week, no rules

Pvp players leave PVE players alone unless they attack you first

Pve players cannot raid, troll, kite, or kill any players or tames, if you do you lose your right to PVE. You can defend yourself when under attack by rule breakers or trolls but cannot retaliate

You cannot switch between pve and pvp

Pve players can still participate in PVP events

One base per tribe

No brontos/diplos/doedics as they cause lag

Don't block drops or artifacts

Send admins proof of any people breaking rules

First offence: Warning
Second offence: Base wipe
Third offence: Ban


Ingame currency: Bushberry seeds which can be earned by:
Coming to events
Good behaviour
Helping the community
Trading in 150 tamed dinos

Approximate stats:
Harvest x5
Hatching, x5
Maturation x5
Xp x5
Taming x50
Weight boosted
Longer days, shorter nights
Reduced food and water consumption
Increased egg lay
Slightly increased loot
Mating interval 0.4
Baby food consumption 0.4
Crop growth increased
Spoil time decreased


Tim Crosby

It's not day 20, but we're about to implement purge days. The alpha tribes are really good guys. They help deal with any trolls or jerks.

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9x taming, 5x harvesting, 2x player stats, 5x weight. 9x breeding

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