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Xbox One Looking for a good prim+ PvP server that isn't too boosted (if its good 4 maybe 5...


Ronnie Bradley

Looking for a good prim+ PvP server that isn't too boosted (if its good 4 maybe 5 people will be joining)


Ronnie Bradley

Its mainly for my friends I tried getting them on your server but they want pvp


Dan Green

Hello All And Welcome To


Its a prim plus rp ragnarok server

There is no starter pack

If you need a starter pack on a boosted server you should not be playing ark

It is a role playing server where you are free to build shops and claim resourses

You can have a shop and be a pvp player you must have a base
And then a shop marked with white flags

We do have a pve area in the shop district of highlands its mostly for shops

Now to the rules

-All pve players must have pve in there name and must display white flags on there shop

-Any white flag players caught pvping that are not shop owner/pvp players will be ban

-Pvp players must not raid white flag bases or shops doing so will resolt in a ban

-Yes you can raid people thats part of the game but only pvp players

-Do not bully or troll other players while raiding take what you need and leave

-Do not kill passive tame ie egg farms or transport tames

-You can build in caves or on resource spawns that way players will have to use shops

This server is boosted
Gather rates
Are all higher than normal

There is no cave damage

Look for


in the server list or join
sappyflame197's game

Any problems contact on xbox





Tyler Lambert


We are launching a Prim+ Three kingdom PvP style server. Kingdoms will encompass the obelisk they represent. The map we will be hosting on is Ragnarok. Server is slightly boosted and has 4x gather to ease the grind while still keeping you vested in the effort it takes for the structures you build.

Currently we are in need of rulers for the Red and Green Kingdoms. Black will represent the admin sites for events and trading as well as those who wish to live as Nomads.

If this interests you please reach out to me directly or visit our group page:

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