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Xbox One Looking for a boosted server any map


Jenine Galvan

x12tame x20harvest admin full pvp fresh Ragnarok Server
Gt: UnarmedSphinx99


Ian T. Baione

Server Information ~ please read
( Looking to populate server..3 weeks old )

Join Community Page for Comments and info. Link is above.

***Any player joining the server/page must msg an admin their name via Xbox or post their gamer tag in the community page. This is strictly for admins to better be able to communicate and identify with you.***

-Admin logging enabled at all times.

-Admin tribe will pvp on occasion. (We grind hard too)

-Tribe limit 8 members

-No Offline Raid Protection

-5 day grace period for new tribes. (Tek shield)

-No foundation wiping. No Exessive damage while raiding bases, leave the base if possible, take the loot.

-Cave flying enabled

-Must join FB page and community page to play on server. Not Joining will result in Ban.
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

-No structure spamming.

-De-spawning loot is allowed ~ so be quick when raiding

-Castle is admin headquarters / Trade House and Fishing Area (Coords: 20.6, 34.4) (off limits for pvp)

-No building in Artifact Caves (structures will be destroyed)

-No Bronto Harvesting. 1 Warnings then banned.

-When in community areas Tames must be set to PASSIVE to avoid accidental losses/fights

-Tek Behemoth Gated buildings are community zones... ZERO TOLERANCE No PVP in these zones

-Do not upload data. Anything uploaded to ob or drop will be lost

Harvest x 6
Tame x 10
Breeding x 10
XP x 10

Starter pack:

-Level 50 Griffin
-One Starter Base Build Pack


Saint (Ian) , Uzy (Josh) , Vix (Dakota) Hostile (Wyatt) , Krieger (Emma)

This is a PVP Only server. Everyone will be raided. Dinos and loot will be lost. This IS the nature of PVP. Complaining will not be tolerated. Any issue should be taken up with an admin. We will discuss if admin action is needed. Our say is final. Any persistent complaining, personal attacks, or unsporting behavior will result in a permanent ban.

How to Join Server:
Add Gamer Tag SAINT215
Join Game


Dan Green

Hello All And Welcome To


Its a prim plus rp ragnarok server

There is no starter pack

If you need a starter pack on a boosted server you should not be playing ark

It is a role playing server where you are free to build shops and claim resourses

You can have a shop and be a pvp player you must have a base
And then a shop marked with white flags

We do have a pve area in the shop district of highlands its mostly for shops

Now to the rules

-All pve players must have pve in there name and must display white flags on there shop

-Any white flag players caught pvping that are not shop owner/pvp players will be ban

-Pvp players must not raid white flag bases or shops doing so will resolt in a ban

-Yes you can raid people thats part of the game but only pvp players

-Do not bully or troll other players while raiding take what you need and leave

-Do not kill passive tame ie egg farms or transport tames

-You can build in caves or on resource spawns that way players will have to use shops

This server is boosted
Gather rates
Are all higher than normal

There is no cave damage

Look for


in the server list or join
sappyflame197's game

Any problems contact on xbox





Braxten Petersen

Join ArkRimReaper for a great PVP experience!

XP Multiplier:20x
Taming Speed: 99x
Harvest 5x
Egg Hatch Speed:99x
Infinite weight!
Boosted raising!
Low population!
Instead of joining, deciding you don't like the server message xX3PointFestXx and let him know what you dislike about it so we can consider making changes! Thank you!


Malachi Clark

Recruting for a prim+ server on ragnorok this is a pvp community based server with a shop,events,quests,raid bosses, and arena. The server runs on a HP(Heathen Points) currency system which can be earned by all these things along with by selling dinos and trading boss trophies. Server has in house leveling system that runs off of server level which is earned by defeating bosses and returning their trophies. Level 2=LAVA GOLEMN, level 3=Ice Worm Queen, level 4=Gamma, Level 5=Beta, and level 6=Alpha. The server also has optional PVE for new tribes until next Tuesday(You must put [PVE] in your tribe name and put up a white flag). All server info is explained in more detail at the castle on billboards. If you need a ride ask for one or call bus then wait at blue ob(spawn at Viking bay to be close) Stats are 20x gather, 4x harvest health, 15x taming, breeding is boosted enough that it is fast but slow enough for imprinting, player and dino stats are mid-boosted, and experience is 12x. There is also a community zone across the bridge from castle where the rec center is plus more. Admin=RHYMEBLASTA, Owner= Caii DF Duty. We will send you an invite to the club where you will find the server name. Invite Rhyme to a party or msg him if you have questions.


Ryan Landvik

Come join arkragserverhyp it was just wiped yesterday lots of places to build there is a start just wait for admins to get on it’s on rag all stats r boosted beside gather so ppl can just crash the server also add the fb group arkragserverhyp and ask for your starter


Josh Talley

24/7 pvp
Harvest x6
Taming x20
Egg hatch x15
Mature x15
weight = infinite
Rules - no brontos, diplos, or paracers as they will lag server
Dino wipes will be as needed
Add gamertag (beeen had dat) to join game
Add KingEnders Boosted Ark on facebook to get a starter animal


Dylan Watanabe

We Are Welcoming ALL PLAYERS to The Only Narco! A dedicated BOOSTED RAGNAROK PvP Server!


GAMERTAG: The Only Narco

HIGHLIGHTED STATS: Such as Infinite Weight(Both Player and Dinos), Exp: x10, and more! Join the FB Page and View the Pinned Post for More Info!

Low Population Looking to grow, grow, GROW! Meaning most areas haven't been touched, therefore More Room For You And Your Tribe mates to move in and GROW!


You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.


Liam Lawrence

RAGNAROK 24/7 PvP Server.

Difficulty Level: MAX
XP Multiplier: x5.0
Harvest Amount: x10.0
Harvest Health: x3.0
Health Recovery: x2.0
Player Stats per Level: x2.0 (except weight)
Player/Dino Weight: UNLIMITED

Taming: x12.0
Lay Egg Interval: x0.25
Mating Interval: x0.25
Egg Hatch Speed: x15.0
Baby Mature Speed: x15.0

- Regular Wild Dino Wipes.
- Boosted Loot Drops and Fishing Loot.
- Community Center (Viking Bay 1).

Server Admins:
LiamLaw (Neo),
Fannon14 (Johnny O).

Join Xbox Gamertag: MPD28610


Steven Rowley

I host a pvp but it's not super boosted. I also play on a pve which is boosted. If your interested in either just pm me


Jenine Galvan

x12tame x20harvest admin full pvp fresh Ragnarok Server Gt: UnarmedSphinx99


Joshuaa Williams

GT: SurvivingArk

Come Join Fresh New Server On Ragnarok!
First WeekUp Plenty Of Spots To Build.
No Blocking Artifacts!
Still Working On Stats But Will Be Highly Boosted(if you have any suggestions feel free to add them)
ORP Is On, With A Timer Of 1Hour

PvP 24/7
25X Harvest
30X Taming
50x XP Multiplier
3x Quality Drops
7x Fishing Loot
Decently Balanced But Boosted Stats

Contact advertising [email protected]
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