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Xbox One Looking for a boosted rag server with orp ?


Michael De Jongh

Sweet my gt is heckaz african, ill join soon,whats the ping like


Joshuaa Williams

GT: SurvivingArk

Come Join Fresh New Server On Ragnarok!
First WeekUp Plenty Of Spots To Build.
No Blocking Artifacts!
Still Working On Stats But Will Be Highly Boosted(if you have any suggestions feel free to add them)
ORP Is On, With A Timer Of 1Hour

PvP 24/7
25X Harvest
30X Taming
50x XP Multiplier
3x Quality Drops
7x Fishing Loot
Decently Balanced But Boosted Stats


Jacki Anne Conley

We run a rag PvP server with 5x pick up 7x tame the only things that are super boosted is wieght and oxygen there is an admin tribe but there pve and only there for Dino wipes we have a couple of tribes with 4-5 players in tribe along with a fair few solo or 2 man tribes if this sounds like what your after then come and join us at lostsoulsofark and add ecky27 as I'm host many thanks


Mackenzie Burton

New rag server orp till Wednesday, 28 stone pick up, insta tame and great admins
Also no need for a starter
GT: pandabear3420xx


Matt Clayton

Are you looking for a fresh Ragnarok Dedicated server? only been up 2 days, still lots of prime locations to build in. Slightly boosted stats. for more info check out the FB group
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, and add GT Prime evil Ark on Xbox one.

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