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Xbox One Looking for a boosted PvE Ragnarok server


Hannah McLaughlin

ProjectEden Builders/Breeders

- The server for the creative pve player and/or breeder! We are looking for relaxed players that like a drama free experience of ark. Admins are friendly and ProjectEden has been around a year and we don't plan on stopping! Looking to boost our population as we just recently switched from Pvpve over to pve. The pve switch is permanent and we don't wipe our servers

- There are community centres on each map and community dino traps around rag (griffin, wyvern and small dinos at spawns and each ob) Our maps are a cluster of vanilla Ragnarok and Island and a separate prim+ Center server!

- We have lvl 200 wild dinos and Aberration dinos spawn on Ragnarok!

- Increased flyer speed!

- High taming and maturation!

- Chill and friendly community :)

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Natalie Sara Walker

Please join the facebook group The Sacred Ones PVE and sign the pinned post if you decide to join :) thanks hope to see you there


Ashley Rex Stevenson

Saints and shadows best cluster right now check us out on fb


Andre Salguero

Come check out FREAK Server, NOW RUNNING ON AN XBOX ONE X!! slightly boosted, prim+ pvpve on RAGNAROK. TO JOIN: select player dedicated, pvp on Ragnarok, the server name is "Freak Server 24 7 pvpve. most of the stats are between 3x and 6x, community forge and starter at blue. STARTER: lv100 horse or bear with saddle. Events: some events include dodo fights every Friday night, the occasional raid base, random surprise boss fights randomly spawned on the map, admin hosted boss fights(admin won't be using cheats during the boss fight) scavenger hunts, Weekly Dino auctions, ice Wyvern egg hunts, etc. The server host has an open challenge in for honor: if you challenge him and win you get 5 tames of your choice within reason. One of the admins has a similar challenge on dark souls 3

rules on fb page: FREAK Server 24-7 pvpve
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Nigel White

Ark Evolved:
it’s a new boosted, unofficial cluster,PVPVE!!!!
Ragnarok players can claim a level 200 Wyvern as a starter, while our Aberration players can claim a level 200 Rock Drake and saddle to start!!
We also have Community centres full of starter tools to get you going, A Shop for all your needs and trades (run by players not admins) A Gladiator Arena for cross-map events and wars which include high level tames and weapons as prizes!!! We also will be having treasure hunts and more!
Admins play normally and don’t cheat, we love the game and want it to be fair, so you can play without admin interference.
ORP is on!!
We are a growing fresh community where everyone has a laugh and PvP sportsmanship is encouraged and PVE is also welcomed and protected, so if you like raiding or just building and taming, everyone’s welcome!!
We would love for you to join us and be a part of what we are building, please check the group link below for all the server info and stats.
Hope to see you online

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Lynn Werner

Looking for a new server? We may be what you are looking for..... We are a PvE server with admin ran PvP events running on the rag map. We are slightly RP as you must choose a superhero or villian name (we don't allow duplicates) from any universe as ur character name . We have a community us center with Indy forge, tek replacater, chemistry bench, and stuff right next to our CC for members to use.... We also have community green house and hatchery with community adoption coming soon...... As well as a large Dino fighting arena, a call of duty arena, dodo arena, maze, and community oil pumps. We are a small chill adult (+17+) community looking to grow.... If you like a chill server, chill people, great admins, and some fun events then we r the server for you.... Some rules.... Password protected..... Come check us out at AVENGERSxARK RP server on FB...... Or click the link below..... We also have a discord with a store via ingot.

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Steven Rowley

Best pve I've found. Believe me I've searched loads. The fb group and server are dawn of mcjokery. Tell them I sent ya. It's a good ark. No op bullshit


Daniel Mark Steven Saunders

Nitardo hosted PVE server (20 slots)

X7 gathering
X22 taming
X15 exp multiplier (player lvl 315, Dino lvl 300)
X30 Mature speed

1 event/shop admin

No starters due to been boosted but I’m sure someone from the community can help out.

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Bryan Potter

Trolls welcome PVP players Welcome!!!!!
we have a fresh Rag server in our cluster and we are looking to populate it. if you come join it as a single player we offer great starters. a team of grinders and a set of tools. Journeyman. we can also throw in some armor and we have custom drops. if your a tribe looking to start on our pvp server we can give you the normal starter plus 100 stone found, 300 stone wall, 200 stone ceilings, a fabricator, a smithy, a generator, and a chem bench. check us out if interested.
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we are also looking for players on our PVE map as well.
Our servers are 10x boosted for 60x egg hatch, 65x taming, 65 egg hatch.

Xbox Pc Sessions Survivors club
PVP servers are
Ragnarok Center Aberation

PVE maps Ragnarok
we do events and we have stores and a good community. Pve is welcome to harbor and trade with our pvp community at a price set by you.

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