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Xbox One looking for a 5-15x PvP/Light Pvp server without major boosted drops

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Nathanael Green

looking for a 5-15x PvP/Light Pvp server without major boosted drops


Patrick Treacle

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Come join us in the dark side of the tower. We have a three server cluster all pvp
ORP on Aberration and ragnorak
But not on the center
Event will be held on the center such as raid houses random boss fights and much more

The stats are
6x gathering
15x hatching
20 x maturing

And boosted stat points for selective dino and player points

Only rules no passive killing
Wiping bases
No trolling
Only 6 man tribe
Only 3 giga per tribe
And no raiding weaker tribes with out cuz
Video proof is required if rules are broken

The server name are





Brody Wade Canady

New rag server just opened up. Couldn't find one with semi boosted rates that was worth a damn so if y'all wanna join go ahead. Info below. No admin. No rules. No crying. Avoid wiping if possible. Just play the game.

[US] Semi-boost Rag x8 tame, x50 mature, x5 harvest, x4 exp. (Just search semi. It'll show up)

Auto unlock engrams every level
Exp: 4x
Harvest: 5x
Tame: 8x
Mature: 50x (Full imprint to match rate)
Loot: 1.8x
Mating: .025
Turrets: 200 per 8000 units
Health: x2 (20 points)
Stamina: x2 (20 points)
Oxygen x2 (20 points)
Weight: x5 (50 points)
Melee: x3 (15%)
Speed: x2 (3%)
Fortitude: x5 (10 points)

Dino Weight: x5
Dino Melee: x2
Dino Stamina: x5


Ark Trader Jr.

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Roughly 18 people a day
A light rp server, choose a house and win points in daily events to win a reaper king (5 days time now)
SLYTHERIN needs a pvp challenge!
As we are the alphas and the second biggest tribe are basically PVE
We need new faces! Come challenge us, no offline raiding.
300 wild Dino's
5x everything!
This is a server unlike the others, not overly boosted that have tek in drops, this server has unbelievably kind admins with an incredible community

Join the page or message Lee Henderson for more info!


Nathan Dunn

We have 10 servers. All maps. 5 PvP & 5 PvE. 8x Everything besides 3x Experience. Active & friendly community. Search for Team6 and all our servers will show. More information and details is on our site.
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Chad Workman

*FRESH WIPE* - *Nitrado hosted*


Infinite weight/oxygen

Super fast egg hatch and breeding

312 silica pearl pickup

2! Ragnarok Maps✔




This is a no admin cluster✔

Admin-Logging on all servers✔✔✔

Parallel Kingdom is a freshly wiped server with absolutely no admins!

Full out PvP, come build your tribe and alliances and become the new alpha!


Adrian Terrell

alpha wars rules are now fully in effect: here is my advertisement if you want to copy and paste to help draw in New players and tribes. (see rules on alpha wars post)

Are you looking for a new server, with boosted stats, custom drops and a dino store with a unique in game currency?

maybe you just want to test your pvp and raiding skills. look no further and welcome to: ArkPVP (boosted) [customdrops]

an Xbox cluster, all maps are 50 slots

currently we are having "Alpha wars" in each server.

Current Alphas:

Center: Reign Supreme.
Rag: Wreckless
Island: Spartans

Alpha responsibilities:
alphas will help regulate trolls and lower tier tribes who raid beginner tribes, or tribes who are being grieved after being wiped. (how much help, and who to help, will be up to the individual alpha on each server. keeping in mind the goal is to have a stable server to promote population growth and stability)

Politics, treaties, pacts, negotiating, compromises and subterfuge will be a commonality for the community. We are trying to build a community that wars, yet allows rebuilding in order to keep populations high.

server name: RagArkPvp (boosted) ]Customdrops]
50 slot
server name: ]sIArkPVP (boosted) ]Customdrops]
50 slot
server name: CenArkPVP (boosted) ]Customdrops]
50 slot

+Griffins spawn naturally on the island and the center'v

XP x 25
Taming x 45
Weight +99999
Flyers boosted speed
Baby maturing x 70
imprint inc. x.I
Gather x 15 (dino x3, player x7)

No admin tribe, no admin tames, no admin base

Tribe limit 7 members, No alliances, No brontos (they
do not spawn), No under map building or raiding, No
spamming foundations

Facebook link to share with others:
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Custom drops:

White: metal tools/ scuba
White rings: ammo, consumables, kibbles
Green: mats
Green rings: boss fight mats
Blue: sm and med saddles
Blue rings: lrg and platform saddles
Purple: metal structures
Purple rings: advanced/simple firearms
Yellow: flak
Yellow rings: riot, flak bps
Red: Advanced and basic furniture (crafting/ turrets)
Red ring: TEK!

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