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Xbox One Introducing The Banquet of the End Brought to you by Schmidt Kingdom PvP server!!!!...


Jacob Epley

Introducing The Banquet of the End

Brought to you by Schmidt Kingdom PvP server!!!!

The idea of The Banquet of the End is to create a festival extravagent and fun filled enough to wow everyone, newcomers and veterans of the server alike. I wish to host it at least twice a day, so that people can enjoy it regardless of time zone. Here is a rough outline of what we have planned:

Boxing fights: Simple enough, two people get in the ring, first person to knock out their opponent wins. To ensure no incidents occur, we will advise players to deposit their gear in their tame if they wish to participate in a match. Bets can be placed, winner will recieve a predetermined number of "prize tickets"

Pet wars: Simply put, a player brings a personal shoulder tame or small dino (no bigger than a moschops) that they wish to have participate, we will have tamed a handful of low level small dinos to go up against theirs. they fight, and if the player wins they recieve a predetermined number of "Prize tickets"

Poo eating contest: Yeah, you heard right! Players are given 100 piles of medium poo, and whoever finishes the most before dying wins some prize tickets.

Sky diving: Players will get on our quetz ship, fly with us to max fly height, and dive out with a parachute that we give them. No tickets are earned, but it is a fun way to pass time.

Taming pen: We will have a pen constructed filled with various wild dinos for players to tame. one for passive dinos, another made of metal (to ensure none escape) for aggressive dinos no tickets are earned, but essentially you are free to take what you tame with you as your own, free of charge

Fireworks Festa: Probably the climax of the festival, we craft thousands of fireworks flareguns, dye them various colors, and shoot them off for the banquet attendees viewing pleasure from atop our quetz platform. This event will be persistent and occur every in game night as our schedule allow, between 6PM CST and 8PM CST daily.

Food Banquet: Pretty self explanatory, we will endeavor to have a huge variety of rockwell soups and brews available for purchase via prize tickets won in events.

Emporium of the End: our official shop, rather than buying our wares with cp, We only accept prize tickets. We do not sell blueprints or dinos, we will be selling everything else however, from kibble to ascendent gear (my crafting skill is 500, I can guarentee that you won't find better gear than what we can provide ;) )This acts as not only an encouragement to attend the Banquet of the End, but also as a means to save money while obtaining items you may not otherwise be able to afford.

Prize tickets: The currency of The Banquet of the End, I will personally be keeping track of each player's individual tickets via a roster on my laptop to ensure accuracy and credibility. These can be used to purchase a vast array of prizes from the Emporium of the End.

Chat Parlour: an ornate patio attached to our base, this is a place for those that would not normally interact to talk and have some small talk. This is a way to try to bring the community together and form stronger bonds, hopefully to stem some of the smaller conflicts that arise from time to time in game.

Archery Contest: Using Wooden Fence Foundations as a distance marker, players will compete using standard bows to see who can get the most accurate shot on a training dummy. The winner will recieve a sum of prize tickets.

Swimming Relay: Out in the ocean will be a storage box filled with notes, at the end of a countdown, players race to the storage box to get a note, and return it to the referee. the first one to turn in a note wins some prize tickets.

Boss fights: We will be hosting boss fights to acquire the tek engrams on occasion. You are required to pay 500 prize tickets to participate, and we reserve the right to the element, however, we will provide all materials, dinos, weapons, and armor, for the fights.

Fishing hole: just off of green ob, there is a lake where we will be making a fishing hole and shop, where you can fish :) this is largely a social event, however, you can turn in ascendant blueprints that you obtain there for a decent sum of prize tickets.

PvP Labryinth: Largely inspired by player unknowns battlegrounds, hunger games, and a few books I have read, this is the ultimate test of skill and instinct. All players are tossed into the maze at various entry points naked and without gear, and are expected to locate their opponents and eliminate them. Gear chests will be scattered throughout the maze for use within. The last one standing will get a good number of prize tickets, and a free one use pass into the boss runs we wil be hosting. BRINGING IN YOUR OWN GEAR IS NOT ALLOWED, note that if anyone is caught cheating in this manner, you will never be allowed into this event again. Play clean, play fair, have fun.

A word to the wise: It will take participation in a few events to have enough prize tickets to acquire most things from The Emporium of the End. This is intentional, so as to ensure that people are still doing things outside of the events.

Aside from the PvP designated event areas, the event city, Serendipity, is a no combat zone. tames need to be on passive, weapons need to be sheathed, and an occasional inspection will be done to ensure that this procedure is being followed. We don't need any messy incidents while everyone is trying to enjoy themselves after all.

It is my hope that these events will be to everyone's liking, note that the only event that is currently available is the Fireowrks festa, I apologize for the slow progress, we are working around the clock to ensure we complete Serendipity as soon as possible, and we thank you for your patience :)

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