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Xbox One I'm looking for a dedicated prim+ RP server any suggestions?? I'd prefer a mostly pve...


Ryan Myers

I'm looking for a dedicated prim+ RP server any suggestions??
I'd prefer a mostly pve server

Sam Holland

Welcome to SmotPokingPandas Pve Ark. The server is 24/7 on the Ragnorak map with slight boosts to all stats, main boosts being in the breeding maturation and incubation timers. 10x xp, 6x harvesting, and 15x taming.
Currently on primitive plus.

No blocking resources caves artifacts etc.
One bronto per tribe to keep lag to a minimum
Don't pillar off land just to claim it. Only pillar if u have plans to build there soon.
No picking of players or tames. (Anyone caught doing so will be wiped no exceptions)
Turn dinos off wander when logging out. (Mass unattended breeding can cause massive lag)
Keep base locations minimum to leave space for new players to build. (Don't have 5 bases across the map)
Events to come with the growing population. Community fishing hole stocked daily.
Community centers near all obs.
Starter packs will be available upon request when an admin is available.

Once you've read this please comment your in game name and gt below and ill message you the server name.

Any questions please comment below. Hope to see you all there!

Bronson Gjelstrup

Sam Holland server sounds good , do you do regular events? Im going to add and hopefully be able to call it home for ark for a while. Is anyone on that i coupd grab a staryer pack rigjt now?

Sam Holland

I believe one of my admins is on yes. And we normally do. The update wiped the map of structures so we are in the process of building all of the events again.

Corey James Schneider

6x tame
10x hatch
15x mature
3x oxygen
35 weight per point
2x XP
3x gather.

Lynn Werner

Looking to populate our Boosted but not Crazy boosted Superhero Themed Prim+ PvE with PvP Admin ran Events Server that is running on the Ragnarok map. Pick any hero or villain Dc or Marvel as your name. We have a Community Area with Cc building, Community Forges, a Store and a Juice Bar & Grill. We will also be hosting regular events as well as our Pvp events. We are a Mature Adult server looking for other Mature Adults that enjoy the game. If this sounds like the server for you then we would love to have you. Please go/add us on our FB page for the rules and information and add
GT: AVENGERSxARK to come check us out.

The Starter Pack:
Metal Pick, Hatchet, Machete, Crossbow, Spy glass, and ONE of these animals.... Doedicurus, Beaver, Equus, or Pteradon

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Isaac Furtado

Avengers ark says there's a starter but they are too busy to give one.

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