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I didn't comply with the OSRS gold skill


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I didn't comply with the
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skill prior to its launch so the sense of amazement and exploration is refreshing. The graphics are top notch, the RuneScape skill is well flushed out for early to mid levels (all I have noticed ), the tutorial gives you everything you need to know, and the puzzles are the puzzles I didn't know I had in my life. I just have chronotes two gripes and the journal.

Although usually tradeables aren't added in the currency pouch, we've seen it done before using Bonds... PLEASE include chronotes too. Second, the journal could be great if I could view it without delaying my interaction. I'm already"penalized" when I do not actively follow the spriteI only wish to read the journal and find out while I am coaching.

The only ties it's to existing RuneScape skills is in the form of the ribbon unlocks (and maybe some artefacts that I'm too low level to benefit from at the moment, who knows) and those unlocks only all seem hugely disheartening for the total amount of time it will take to really acquire them.

If you have a look at
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skills, there are advantages which are immediate and obvious whether it be a new mob a new shortcut unlocked, a new item available to use, whatever. Whereas Archaeology's reward strategy is tied out of artefact hand-ins behind RNG and the level.

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