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Xbox One I’m looking for a very boosted (including crop growth!) server. I’m a mother to an 11...


Toni Watts

I’m looking for a very boosted (including crop growth!) server. I’m a mother to an 11 month old so the only time I get to play is for a couple of hours at night so I don’t want to be grinding my life away. I want this shit easy


Isaac Furtado

Come over to GooniesARK. Extremely boosted stats PVE I just play there but there's not a lot of people on the server so I'm trying to help re populate. Add GooniesARK fb page and that is the gt to use to join game.


Caleb Williams

Add GT: ClassyGentsArk

•24/7 PVP
•Community Center
•Fast taming/hatching/maturation
•Infinite weight & oxygen player/dino
•No exploiting glitches
•Community shop
•Boosted drops
•Population 25+

The admins play like everyone else we like to grind and enjoy the game. The admins are here to help and make the game enjoyable for the server as a whole. We raid and people can raid us, it's all fair game. We play the game as it was intended to be played and encourage others to as well. Remember it's PVP so play accordingly and remember to have fun. Trolls are not well received. Events, give aways, and other fun things are held to keep the server interesting. Join the page for more info.


Alex Herrera

Check out stormborn ark. Not too crazy boosted but it's definitely making the grind easier. Cool group of people too


Justin Ehly

Welcome to SmotPokingPandas Pve Ark. The server is 24/7 on the Ragnorak map with slight boosts to all stats, main boosts being in the breeding maturation and incubation timers. 10x xp, 6x harvesting, and 10x taming.
Currently on primitive plus.

No blocking resources caves artifacts etc.
One bronto per tribe to keep lag to a minimum
Don't pillar off land just to claim it. Only pillar if u have plans to build there soon.
No picking of players or tames. (Anyone caught doing so will be wiped no exceptions)
Turn dinos off wander when logging out. (Mass unattended breeding can cause massive lag)
Keep base locations minimum to leave space for new players to build. (Don't have 5 bases across the map)
Events to come with the growing population. Community fishing hole stocked daily.
Community centers near all obs.
Starter packs will be available upon request when an admin is available.

Once you've read this please comment your in game name and gt below and ill message you the server name.

Any questions please comment below. Hope to see you all there!


Isaiah Perkins

GT. DANG3RZONE247 New PVP server went up last week With new Facebook group that just went up the other day.

You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

Still tweaking stats. 5x gather 15x taming
Boosted breeding and weight. Come get in while there are still good spots to build. Organizing a store and Dino events to come.


Mackenzie Burton

New rag server orp till Wednesday, 28 stone pick up, insta tame and great admins
Also no need for a starter
GT: pandabear3420xx

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