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Mike Lombardo

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Welcome to The Imperium, a Ragnarok Ark Server group. This is a friendly PvP Server with the following rules and stats.

****All new players must register on the Facebook group page and comment on the pinned post with their Gamertag and Ark survivor name. Once registered the Host GT will be visible.

If you are seen on the server and are not registered you will be given one warning to register. Failure to register will result in banning.****

Bases are off limits to raiding.

Bases are determined to be all structures and dinosaurs inside an outer wall of behemoth gates.

Outside of your base is considered the pvp zone. So be careful.

The outer wall of behemoth gates must be a complete enclosure, if you leave gaps it is not considered a protected base. (Gaps are considered to be a space large enough to fit a medium Dino through, trike for example) *sneaking under a gate does not void the base protection.

All new players will be given a starter pack at the Blue Obelisk. Spawn at Jungle 2.

Starter pack consists of 20 stone behemoth gate frames and gates, a set of metal armor and tools(hatchet, pick, crossbow and sword), 100 narcotics and a lvl 150 flying mount of your choice (Argentavis, Lymantria, Pelagornis, Pteranodon, or Tapejara) with saddle.

Structure placement restrictions are lifted and platform saddle structure limit is increased.

No Cave Blocking or building on the many bridges or the Obelisks (Red, Green, Blue)

No bronto/diplodocus taming. (Lags out server when harvesting with them and saddle engrams are blocked anyway)

The following engrams are banned: Bronto saddle & platform saddle, Diplodocus saddle, C4 and C4 detonator (Makes raids to easy).

Attack the admins at your own peril.

NPC megabase location Coming Soon!!!!

Raids will be open to all players on any banned/deserted players bases, these will be coordinated by the Admins and only by the Admins.

Unauthorized Base raiding will result in being banned.

Excessive trolling will also result in arrest and incarceration and repeat offenders will be banned.

Tributes may be traded into the Admins for loot and Dinos at the following rates:

50 tributes = 1 piece of mastercrafted level equipment. Armor and tools only.

200 tributes = 1 piece of ascendant level equipment. Armor and tools only.

500 tributes = 1 lvl 75 tame of your choice (excluding quetzals, giga's, griffons and wyverns)

750 = lvl 105 quetzal with platform saddle and custom paint scheme.

1000 = lvl 30 giga or lvl 60 griffon with saddle and custom paint scheme

2000 regular tributes or 40 alpha tributes = lvl 60 wyvern (fire, poison, or lightning), players choice.

In case your wondering tributes are the following:

Standard Tributes:

Argentavis Talon, Sarosuchus Skin, Sauropod Vertebra, Titanoboa Venom, Megalania Toxin, Megalodon Teeth, Spinosaurus Sails, Therizino Claws, Thylacoleo Hook-Claws, Allosaurus Brain, Basilosaurus Blubber, Giganotosaurus Heart, Tusoteuthis Tentacle, Tyrannosaurus Arms, Yutyrannus Lungs, Lightning Talon, Fire Talon, Poison Talon

Alpha Tributes:
(Each Alpha Tribute is worth 50 standard tributes)
Alpha Raptor Claw; Alpha Carnotaurus Arm; Alpha Tyrannosaur Tooth; Alpha Megalodon Fin; Alpha Mosasaur Tooth; Alpha Tusoteuthis Eye; Alpha Leedsichthys Blubber

*****Imperial Arena is located at 19 41 and you can fight other survivors and participate in survivor challenges for loot and tames.*****

Future events will include group boss fights and cave raids!

Enjoy and have fun!


Max difficulty

Boosted loot drops and fishing loot.

Xp: x3
Harvesting: x10
Taming: x10
Mating: 0.75
Hatching: x2
Mature speed: x2
Baby food consumption: .5

Health: x3
Stamina: x3
Oxygen: x5
Weight: x50
Damage: x3
Speed: x3
Fortitude: x10

Tamed Dino:
Health: x3
Stamina: x3
Oxygen: x2
Food/Water: x5
Weight: x10
Damage: x4
Speed: x3 (if upgradable)

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