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PC Hey all My tribe are looking for promising individuals to join our ranks. We are a...


Jake Rushforth

Hey all

My tribe are looking for promising individuals to join our ranks.
We are a well progressed tribe with outstanding allies who we play with.
We currently have around 40 members and on average 25 active daily.
We are a close and tight family and everyone is respected however we love the fun factor of banter and having a laugh while we grind and work on new projects or pvp
We do have some requirements and interview processes in place if you are lucky enough to make it that far we will ask questions etc

A few MUSTs we have in place.
Aged 16+ and mature.
Access to discord is paramount (text features),(Also able to listen to voice chat)
400hrs + on ark
We need to know previous tribes / servers.
Remain active.

A few optionals which certainly help you get to the interview stage:
Pvp experience
Microphone (able to communicate on discord)
Being in water experience
Previous leadership skills
A good knowledge of ark
Experience in hardtames and breeding
Experienced in most farming methods
Certain Timezones

We do fun events such as sheep lancing, pvp tourneys. Our tribe rankings hierarchy give everyone an opportunity to rank up depending on how much work they put into the tribe.
We are doing tek bosses also.

If our ad has interested you and you want to become part of our family then
Please contact me on Discord Offski#6684


Hunter Folden

People still actually do this... I've met all my tribes in server and 40 people is way more than you need. And the fact your asking about past servers is kinda a dick move if you ask me, most people leave servers because someone made it horrible for them. I for one was the nice guy everyone traded with or messed around with until a couple new tribe members framed me for stealing. Your not gonna get good opinions normally because if the we're doing good they wouldn't leave


Jake Rushforth

Jeez snowflake lighten up.
Ain't a dick move, I have to take into consideration all the hard work my members have put into the game building and due to 1 insider that could possibly bring it all down. The fact you don't understand why people do this shows you are generally one of these problems. I'd sooner be safe then sorry. I'm sorry if it happened to or w/e but my priority is my tribe not a child dictating what's a dick move or not.

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