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PC Hello everyone, I would like to have your honest opinion whether it is worth buying...


Nick Gordon

D1 is far better than d2. D2 will be fun for 3 weeks and then you will get bored


Jonathan Dower

People seem to forget d1 had a rough start then became a thing. I'm hoping Destiny 2 will be the same I love d2 the only thing is the lack of armour and weapons. D1 everyone had their own signature weapons pretty much as some weapons were really hard to get. We will see what happens but I'm liking the more intense PvP


Matej Škreko

Destiny 2 is a Destiny 1 selfclone ... Destiny 1 was great IMO when blue ball was a dungeon, when Aksor was a dungeon, then there was just Dreadnaught, Destiny 2 is a clone at that point. Worth to play 75%-ly. Game to play for anyone 92% !!!


Caleb Hauka

Get it on sale. Don't make the mistake I did and get it full price. First week or two will be dope. Especially if your have friends. After that, the content almost instantly dries up - and if you're like me and have no lust to max out 3 characters; feel free to enjoy 1 3rd of the content. Cheers. I miss old bungo


Steve Digirolamo

I play on 3 platforms and almost everyday. Pvp just got some nice changes. Buy the game with no dlc used and see if it's worth it to you.


Furkan Reisoğlu

If you spend 5 or more hours on gaming every day it's not worth the price, if you spend less then it's even worth the full price. also you should consider that after year 1 this game will be amazing considering they are thinking of bringing random rolls back, weapon slots changes and they will look at ttk too also there will be BIG expansion changes too considering that this game in its current state is also good in comparison to a lot of other games out there. Most people complain about the lack of replayability yes it's true but 200 to 300 hours of gameplay is still worth it in my opinion. you will be sure to get everything after 300 hours tho so there is no incentive to play. The only incentive would be for the sake of shooting weapons and doing nightfall challenges, pvp is really shit in my opinion you need to hit 4 headshots in order to kill someone.

one more thing if people don't cry about what's wrong companies wouldn't even move so stop blaming people who cry about stuff it's those ppl who make the games better. bungie is taking action because ppl are showing them the right way of doing things also about the loot box contrvrcy would you be OK with paying 6000 dollars to be good at a game and have advantage over others? I don't think so everyone cried over it so now they change it. we have a saying "you will not get milk if you don't cry" and it's the truth yes there are ppl who cry for naught but in destiny 2s case even ppl who play the best and even content creators said there was nothing to do. so it wasn't for naught I think bungie is doing well on listening the community.

But think like this if no one cried they wouldn't do anything because they would consider this to be a good and a complete game.


New Member
Destiny 2 is one of the best multiplayer first-person shooter game. This game shares elements with multiplayer role-playing games, like World of warcraft, in that players share a world that is sent on quests to push the story forward and acquire more powerful gear.

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