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Xbox One Don't post ur server if it dosnt meet the requirements Me and my 3 tribe mates are...


Joshua Crossland

Don't post ur server if it dosnt meet the requirements
Me and my 3 tribe mates are looking for
24/7 server
20 or more pick up rate
Insta tame
Insta lvl 100
Infinite weight
Really high boosted player and Dino stats
Pvp and pve
Offline raid protection on
Dosnt matter if there isn't a starter
Boosted loot crates
We're lazy lol we just wanna build


Jack Dean

Join my server mate I might put the pick up a littler higher but at the minute it's 17 stone pick up and everything els meets your standards! And it's hardly down ever down gt : AlphaArkRAG


Dylan Williamson

Why do you want a server with no grind? Honestly just wondering. Boosted isn't bad but I could never play on a server that boosted. This isn't meant to be rude, I actually just wanna know why.


Austin Johnson

People that play 99.9% of us work for a living and probably have family's. Which everyone knows that real life comes before a video game. however no one wants to wait to tame, or raise a dino.


Joshuaa Williams

GT: SurvivingArk

Come Join Fresh New Server On Ragnarok!
First WeekUp Plenty Of Spots To Build.
No Blocking Artifacts!
Still Working On Stats But Will Be Highly Boosted(if you have any suggestions feel free to add them)
ORP Is On, With A Timer Of 1Hour

PvP 24/7
25X Harvest
30X Taming
50x XP Multiplier
3x Quality Drops
7x Fishing Loot
Decently Balanced But Boosted Stats

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