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Xbox One Currently just trying to find a good server to play and a tribe to give me a fair go!...


Angus Vanduynhoven

Currently just trying to find a good server to play and a tribe to give me a fair go! hard to trust a stranger in the world of ark but I can happily prove myself to be a good tribe member as I'm over playing by myself and building up and then being wiped ‍♂


Mason N Michelle Gallivan

Arks Darkest Night - PvP 24/7

Taming x10
XP x2
Gathering x8
Baby Maturation x12

Tribe Limit: 8


Builder Pack - Lvl 75 Anky - 1 Metal Tool Set - Stone Hut
Survivor Pack – 75 Wolf - Fur Ghillie or Flak Set – Pike
Taming – 75 Argy - Crossbow & 100 tranq arrows – 100 Narcotics

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Toni Whitmore

Just had to wipe the night of the update. Plenty of tribes, I'm sure someone will let you join


Chris Harrison

Ark server uk10

PVE server based in the United kingdom, we have had previous experience hosting a server successfully for 6 months+ this time it's a shared server xbox between all 4 admins there is no boss/host, all decisions will be made by all 4 of us.

Starter tame, level 75 Griffin or thyla..

20×egg hatch
0.2 mating
10 maturation


Age 18+
Only 1 base per tribe
No bronto/diplodocus taming
No foundations/pillars everywhere
No resource or artifact cave building
2 gigas per tribe

You can build anywhere on the ark map as long as you're not preventing rare resource spawns

No griefing... goes without saying anyone found griefing will be banned and have their I'd blacklisted if you experience any behaviour along these lines please screenshot and send to admin.

No hacks, cheats or exploits of any kind we monitor constantly consider this your WARNING.

Claiming land.
Do not build foundations just for the purpose of blocking areas for people to build on i.e single foundations all over because you don't want anyone to build close to you. Foundations or pillars must be in close proximity to your base, structures (within 15 tiles) if you have a foundation built and you have not constructed a proper base within 48 hours an admin will delete your foundations

Taming pen.
It's fine to keep your new dino safe while taming but it ruins the environment if you leave the remains of the taming pen walls scattered around the map so please clean up after and keep the map looking nice for everyone.

Admin assistance.
Our admins are happy to help when ever we can please do bare in mind we are just regular gamers like you and live lives outside of the game, so any time we take out to help is play time we put in hold.

Gt name- ark server uk10
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Aaron Thompson

I play on NA pvp notechcrossark6. More than welcome to join.


Mike Nichols

Gt is ark ark baby. Enjoy and make yourself at home. ORP will keep your from being wiped.

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