Breath Of The Wild Appears In Monster Hunter XX: Double Cross

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    The Valphalk and Massacre Demon Diablos stand no chance against...Link? The Switch port of Japanese exclusive Monster Hunter XX: Double Cross now too has a Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild collaboration that will bring armor, weapons and other Zelda-themed goodies to the game.

    The collaboration's announcement trailer shows off the title with a gorgeous Breath of the Wild spin. Not only does the collaboration include Link's blue garb and weapons, it also alters resources and the environment that might just make you feel like you're back in the plains of Hyrule. And of course, Koroks are in the mix too as costumes for your adorable fighting companions, the Palicos.

    Siliconera reports that this collaboration on the Switch version of the game was only a matter of time as the 3DS version received similar treatment in March. At the same time, GORO, Okami, and Strider collaborations were also announced. At this time, these collaborations remain exclusive to the 3DS port.

    Monster Hunter XX: Double Cross, which is an expanded version of Monster Hunter Generations, has not been localized for the US; Capcom told us at E3 that it has no plans to do so. So for now, we'll have to keep holding onto dreams of slaying baddies as Palico Koroks.



Discussion in 'News and Reviews' started by News, Aug 27, 2017.

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