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Xbox One !ARKNATION245! Are you an explorer? A trader? Maybe a breeder? Or even just a...


Jason Meade

Are you an explorer? A trader? Maybe a breeder? Or even just a survivor?

Then come play Ark with us! With upcoming and new events and games with prizes like building materials, eggs or even a brand new tame!

We do PVE Sunday from 7PM to Friday 6PM est time. Then its all out PVP !!!

Want to stay PVE well NO problem..with our white flag program and our verified PVE list feel safe knowing other members will leave you alone during PVP hours

Starter packs available IF you need them...(metal Axe,Pick) and the potential to make new friends, allies and tribes!

*Be ready for anything with our friendly admin, 4x Gather Rates, 4x Taming, 4x Incubation and not to mention the amazing stats!*

Community buildings under construction and plenty more to be discovered on our BRAND NEW 24/7 dedicated Windows 10 hosted PVE/PVP Ragnarok map!

•Visit our page and add ArkNation245 on Xbox to begin conquering the world!!•

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We are GIVING AWAY A BASE this thursday we will be giving one lucky tribe a pre made PVP base..join webpage for details!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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