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Xbox One Any good prim plus pvp servers?


Adrian Kat

I've know of one I'm admin on it Joshua it's not prim plus due to the bugs but maybe once they are sorted then me would go bag pm for detailed


Greg Kelly

Fresh prim plus ragnarok pvp server
5x harvest
2x Xp
10x taming
Weight is boosted
Fast maturation, wyvern takes roughly 1hr
3 active admins
Starter includes prim metal tools, refining forge and a max tame ptera or thyla

Add BossSiamang7428


Lynn Werner

Looking to populate our Boosted but not Crazy boosted Superhero Themed Prim+ PvE with PvP Admin ran Events Server that is running on the Ragnarok map. Pick any hero or villain Dc or Marvel as your name. We have a Community Area with Cc building, Community Forges, a Store and a Juice Bar & Grill. We will also be hosting regular events as well as our Pvp events. We are a Mature Adult server looking for other Mature Adults that enjoy the game. If this sounds like the server for you then we would love to have you. Please go/add us on our FB page for the rules and information and add
GT: AVENGERSxARK to come check us out.

The Starter Pack:
Metal Pick, Hatchet, Machete, Crossbow, Spy glass, and ONE of these animals.... Doedicurus, Beaver, Equus, or Pteradon

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Robbie Kendall

Check out the nzozarkserver page. Reasonably boosted stats. 50 breeding and 10 taming

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