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Xbox One ☢SERVER RESTARTED ☢ (Saturday) 03/17 Plenty of early game PvP and building spots...


Wesley Seward

☢SERVER RESTARTED ☢ (Saturday) 03/17

Plenty of early game PvP and building spots

"ArkSupreme" a well-balanced moderately boosted server.

This will be the servers second restart and it's very competitive with a very decent size community. There will be no room for error if you want a Alpha title.

4 map cluster Nitrado:

The cluster is mid term cluster 2/3month PvP than reset. Possibility long term if population stays healthy and stable. Our goal is to stay PvP strong

Weekend PvP events. Great Prize pool!

Max 6 player tribe limit
Any PvP tribe and PvP players welcome!
600 turret limit in a 33×33 area, and heavy turrets are allowed.
48-hour grace period provided by The Host for single player or small tribes, that join late into the cluster. Pm host for more details
⚜20x maturation
⚜17x harvest
⚜20x tamming
⚜2.0 cave damage
⚜Cave flying active
⚜Turret damage 1.60
⚜Bronto raids Yes, but no harvest

Max wild dino lvl 150
Player lvls 100 +15 ascending successfully
1hr imprint intervals
X10 player and dino experience
Loot crates 2.4 rarity and fishing 2.8 rarity
Cross server play
300 tame limit
116 player slot limit

Host is the only Admin

✴There's a Facebook page thats set up for Trades, updates, and server RULES ✴
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Other Information:

✔ Boss fights are same difficulty as official with same acquirement of element when completed successfully.✔

✅As the server grows in population, so will slots and maps. We want to make this the most popular server on ark!✅

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