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Xbox One ☆☆Welcoming Everyone!☆☆ Fresh Ragnarok server. Looking to add more maps as population...


Richard Werner

☆☆Welcoming Everyone!☆☆

Fresh Ragnarok server. Looking to add more maps as population grows! But for now we have alot of fun cool things to offer. The server is the perfect mix of boosted but not op. Harvesting is high so if you dont like it no need to complain about it just keep moving past this post. 20x Harvest. The server is built to be a war server so you can rebuild after being taken down with little to no salt coming from either end. Fast breeding and yes breeding matters no crazy dino stats here besides weight is infinite and stam is a little boosted. Breed for those good stats to rule the ark.

◇Instant Tame
◇Egg Hatch= 100
◇Maturation= 150
◇Instant Xp on dinos and players

◇ All Engrams Unlocked (Even tek but that dont mean element will be handed out. Must be earned from bosses or special events)

◇Reduced Element cost of Transmitters, Generators, Teleporters, & Replicators (Lower element cost but upped the other materials a little bit)

◇Custom Drops all are themed. All i can say is get them red drops they are to kill for (no tek)

Everyone who joins needs to know this is not going to be you're easy going pvp pve server. The intentions of this server is for tribes to build up and go to war and then build back up and go to war with someone else. The only thing i dont want to see is griefing or trolling it will not be tolerated in anyway.

Come join our Fb page and get started today Griffin starter for anyone who joins this weekend!

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