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    Overwatch Toxicity Is Down by Over a Quarter, Says Jeff Kaplan

    Faking nice is making the game a nicer place. Blizzard's Endorsement system in Overwatch is yielding results already.
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    Darksiders 3: See the Wrath Boss Fight – IGN First

    You get to un-wrath your present by clicking on the video. Get a look at one of the sin-themed bosses in Darksiders 3.
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    South Park: The Fractured But Whole Bring the Crunch DLC Release Date Announced

    The DLC comes out on July 31. The Bring the Crunch DLC adds a new story campaign and the “Final Girl” superhero class.
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    Sea of Thieves: New Update to Add Three-Player and AI-Controlled Ship Types

    Cursed Sails arrives for free in two weeks. Cursed Sails is coming to Sea of Thieves for free later this month.
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    The 5 Best New Anime from Spring 2018

    What was your favorite anime of the season? Spring brought with it plenty of comedies, the rebirth of classic series, and some anime that are all too relatable.
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    Darksiders 3: See the Wrath Boss Fight - IGN First

    Our IGN First month of coverage with Darksiders 3 continues! In this new look at the Fury-ous action-adventure game from Gunfire Games, we debut Wrath, one of the sin-themed bosses from Darksiders 3.
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    “故郷が呼んでいる。” 近日公開予定の映画『Aquaman(原題)』の新・公式ポスターが公開となった。
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    Octopath Traveler Director Speaks Out About What Makes Their Game So Appealing

    The perfect mix of old and new. Director Keisuke Miyauchi speaks out about what went into making sure that Octopath Traveler would appeal to all players.
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    Hollow Knight - Gods & Glory DLC Trailer

    Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory DLC launches on August 23 for PC and Nintendo Switch, and is free for all players.
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    『Hollow Knight』最後となるDLCのリリース日が発表

    『Gods & Glory』は8月23日に配信開始。 無料アップデート『Gods & Glory』、そして新しいサウンドトラックアルバム(数量限定のレコード版も)が配信予定だ。
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    ホーキンスに新しくショッピングモールが開店! マヤ・ホーク演じるロビンの姿が初めて明らかに。
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    Destiny 2 Forsaken Cinematic Teaser Trailer - E3 2018

    Destiny 2 Forsaken Cinematic Teaser Trailer Check out a short but sweet look at Destiny's newest expansion, Forsaken, launching on September 4.
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    Destiny: Hear Nolan North For the First Time

    Destiny: Hear Nolan North as the Ghost Listen to veteran voice actor Nolan North as the new voice of your companion in Destiny.
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    『Destiny 2』、ネイサン・フィリオンの代わりにノーラン・ノースがケイド6の声優に

    ノーラン・ノースとネイサン・フィリオンが逆転? ネイサン・フィリオンはケイド6の死を信じていないようだ。
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    Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Ripto's Rage First-Look Gameplay

    Check out the updates to the Ripto's Rage "Colossus" level. Watch a full level playthrough from Spyro Reignited Trilogy.