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I spoke to Connor Dougan and Clint Oldenburg of the Madden


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They will not represent 99 total players. 99 Club Prospects is a term used to describe players who will bring an elite skill into the NFL. We wanted them to be fun , but also somewhat realistic. Therefore, there won't be any players in
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the league with a 99 rated precision of passes or an awareness level 99. It is possible to see quarterbacks with 99 Throw Power a receiver with 99 Amazing Catch, or a safety with 99 Power to Hit. But that doesn't indicate that they're elite players, just that they are skilled at a certain skill.

High Variance Outlook

Prospects with high volatility are boom or bust investors. These prospects have wider than usual ranges of intangible traits, which increase the volatility that they have in their OVR. This process of thinking extends to their DEV feature, which gives these players essentially the chance to be or Normal and Superstar with a slim chance of achieving Star as well as Superstar X-Factor.

Specialist Prospects

Specialist Prospects are athletes who have a little bit of a different outlook than the box . They are also outside the norm of archetype prospects and are either unique to their position or specialize in one particular region. This type of prospect includes quarterbacks that excel in play action, edge , and interior rushers that lack size and linebackers who excel as run stoppers or in pass coverage but they aren't a lot in the alternative.

What's Not Getting Done

I spoke to Connor Dougan and Clint Oldenburg of the Madden development team to confirm some aspects that were not covered in the initial reveal of the franchise mode. In Madden 23 the NFL Draft still won't have the type of improved presentation many feel is fitting arguably the most exciting day of football. We're also unable to make teams or
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change divisions in the same way as with NBA 2K's MyNBA. We're not yet able to access the addition of legends available found in Ultimate Team in franchise mode. This feature is included within NBA 2K and MLB The Show's franchise modes.


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