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Xbox One [CrossPlay]SlangNTame 24/7 Slightly Boosted Cluster! Ragnarok, Center and Island.

Jul 24, 2018
SlangNTame 24/7 Slightly Boosted Cluster! Ragnarok, Center and Island.

General information:

The Center is the newest map so there is plenty of real estate to claim for you or your tribe.

All three maps are meticulously maintained to provide a smooth experience to all players without the need to wipe servers every month or two. This includes decaying structures and dinos as well as active Admin involvement in removing old structures.

This is a pvp server where you still enjoy everything about the game. We have tried to make it similar to official, just less grindy. This server is ran by active admins. The admins will be playing the game legit. No items will be spawned into the game unless it is necessary to compensate for server crashes or rewards for events. We want to see this server last forever, so we're going to do what we can for that to happen.
  • Join today by searching "SlangNTame" in the ark name filter under "Unofficial PC sessions".
Next Scheduled Event: 7/25/2018 Double Breeding on Ragnarok, Double Harvest on Center and Double Taming on The Island.

Difficulty: 1
Difficulty Override: 5
Experience: 3
Taming: 6
Harvesting: 3
Crop Growth: 3
Maturing: 8
Imprint interval: 0.75
Mating Multiplier: 1.5
Incubation: 5
Dino Weight: 3
Player Weight: 2
Player Food/Water Drain: 0.5
Resource Respawn: 0.65
Regrow Mult: 0.5
Regrow on structures: 0.4
Loot Quality: 1.5
Fuel Interval Mult: 1.3

No "Human" names.
No racist or offensive dino names.
No killing passives.
No wiping or excessively damaging bases.
3 base limit, this mean 2 land bases and 1 waterpen or on/underwater base.

If you need more information contact me on XBOX live or join the Facebook group.
GT: G3rmanB0mb3r
Facebook Group: